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How to Compress, Decompress a String in C# Using GZipStream?

I recently had a scenario where my application was sending raw json data to send to the browser in string format. This data was used as a viewstate by using hidden input element. When the app started to run in production envrionment, we realised that this raw data is very big in size and needs to be compressed.

So, the only solution available here was to compress the raw data and decompress it when app wants to access the data. Both needs to happen server-side. My app uses .NET v4.5, so I thought to use the out of the box classL GZipStream

How to Customize Chrome Developer Tools?

I spend most of my programming time within Visual Studio and I never liked the white theme that came out of the box. Same is with the Chrome Developer Tools. I use Dark theme for Visual Studio and want something similar for Chrome as well.

In version 32, custom.css was removed from Chrome. I’ll be using an theme extension to setup a custom theme. The old way was to play with a local css file that you can rely on or add your own files.

Use Your Own Font Everywhere

Have you spent any time thinking of which font to choose while writing a word or any other document either on your laptop, online, etc.? Will it not be easier to have your own handwriting available to you even when you don’t hold a pen in hand and instead press keys on laptop?

I answered it as ah yes, but that must be hard? No, its not. Some dev friends have created a free tool that can be used by anyone to create a font based on your handwriting.

How to Get Version or Product Details From a .dll File or Running Application?

I came across a scenario where I had to access some information from a file with .dll extension. And then I thought to write this post. This information may include that assembly’s product name, product version, file version etc. This scenario may be required either to read a .dll file from disk or from the current running application. The code below covers both the scenarios:

// From executing application.
string assemblyVersion = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Version.ToString();

// From a physical file, provide full path to that file.
string assemblyVersion = Assembly.LoadFile('your assembly file').GetName().Version.ToString();

// From executing application, gives file version.
string fileVersion = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location).FileVersion;

// From executing application, gives product version.
string productVersion = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location).ProductVersion;

HTML5 LocalStorage API to the Rescue

Recently I had a need to use HTML5 LocalStorage API in my web application project. The requirement was to save the vertical scroll position of window when a user drills down to low level details by navigating to other view. I didn’t wanted to cookies because cookies are sent on every request to the server and I have no need to send this detail to the server as it is just related to client.

Then I was left with LocalStorage and SessionStorage as options. I found that SessionStorage is not maintained when the page reloads and when the browser is closed.

How to Get UnAuthorizedAccess (401) HTTP Response When Using ASP.NET Forms Authentication and AJAX?

I’ve a ASP.NET MVC application that uses FormsAuthentication and this application gives single page application experience to users after a user is authenticated where it uses AJAX for all HTTP requests.

The log out action that I have works fine if user uses the logout button in the user interface and the click handler than performs a HTTP POST to Logout action in Account controller.

Today,I was testing some other feature by setting 1 minute timeout for forms authentication in web.config. After a minute, when I performs a POST action to view a different view in my application, I was shown the user login page as set in the web.config under forms configuration. But I was not able to understand why is this happening. Later I figured out that the FormsAuthentication is doing its work and it detects that this user is not authorized. It then redirects the user to the login url as defined in the configuration.

Cookie Issues With Internet Explorer.

Recently, I was working on a ASP.NET MVC 5 web application that was using cookies to store some user specific data. This was done by first serializing that object into forms authentication ticket and then encrypting this serialized data and setting this encrypted value to a cookie.